SAS® is the No.1 AI and advanced analytics software platform.

Our AI revenue is growing more than 3x faster than the market. Innovation, trust and value are the reasons why.

Today, our customers fight fraud with machine learning, improve cancer survival rates with computer vision and increase customer understanding with natural language processing. Thanks to the collaboration with our customers and partners, we’re proud to be No.1 globally in AI and advanced analytics software platform combined market share and revenue. Our growth rate in AI alone is more than 3x faster than the overall AI software platforms market.


SAS was founded on the principal of using analytics to change the world, and we remain committed to helping solve critical global issues. To continue leading the way in innovation, SAS is investing $1 billion in artificial intelligence over the next three years.  Our focus will be on on three main areas: research and development to build on the success of SAS’ global AI efforts; education initiatives to help customers and partners better understand and benefit from AI; and expert services to optimize customer return on AI projects.


As organizations look to AI to solve their business problems, they want a trusted partner that offers analytics expertise and domain knowledge. AI has been an integral part of SAS software for years. We continue to move beyond the hype to make AI real for our customers, building on our strong foundation in advanced analytics. From machine learning, deep learning, computer vision and natural language processing to forecasting and optimization, SAS helps customers in many industries benefit from AI and the intelligence it creates.


SAS is well-positioned to guide customers into the future with an unmatched breadth and depth of analytics that shorten the path from data to intelligence. SAS reinvests more than twice the average into R&D than major technology firms. That translates to a better ROI for our customers. Our embedded AI solutions and integration with open source technologies let you fully automate processes. And SAS can help you deploy complex AI projects into production quickly, fast-tracking your time to value.