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The way marketers engage customers is changing rapidly. Every day seems to bring a new approach, and the digital world has transformed our communication almost beyond recognition. Yet amidst all this change, most companies haven’t evolved the organizational structure of the marketing function in the past 40 years.

Marketers know their organizations need an overhaul, and CMOs are struggling with what the new org chart should look like. But what if the answers aren’t in a new blueprint? This on-demand webinar by Harvard Business Review reveals results from one the most comprehensive marketing leadership studies ever undertaken, in an effort to understand what separates the strategies and structures of superior marketing organizations from the rest.

Watch this on-demand webinar, The Ultimate Marketing Machine, to learn what attributes are required for superior marketing performance today, and the nature of the organizations that have achieved it.


  • Marc de Swaan Arons, Principal, EffectiveBrands
  • Frank van den Driest, Principal, EffectiveBrands
  • Keith Weed, Chief Marketing Officer, Unilever

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