SAS and ClearBlade help industrial operations leaders maximize OT equipment effectiveness

Partners create a simpler, no-code path to IT-OT convergence with industrial IoT edge computing, streaming analytics, AI and cloud 

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Pioneering partners SAS and ClearBlade are helping operations managers in asset intensive industries like manufacturing, oil & gas, and transportation to maximize the effectiveness of their operational technology (OT) equipment by unlocking the value of all streaming data in a simpler and cost-effective way. The partners are using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning on IoT connected assets to empower OT leaders to access, analyze and act on streaming data at the Edge and in the Cloud without depending on IT and data scientist support and speeding the process to weeks from months.

SAS and ClearBlade announced their partnership during the IoT SLAM ‘22 being held live this week at SAS world headquarters in Cary, NC. Learn more about how the partnership accelerates OT asset productivity with predictive analytics in this partner solution brief.

“Operations leaders need to balance resource constraints with their ability to take advantage of all the data streaming from their assets in a timely manner to improve key metrics such as OEE. Combining connected IoT assets with predictive analytics in the OT environment presents such an opportunity,” said Dalia Adib, Director – Consulting at STL Partners. “What OT needs is a lower cost, less resource intensive repeatable process to scale AI initiatives whether on premise, at the edge, or in the cloud – no matter how many assets they have and where they are located.  Without the ability to run edge analytic workloads in real time, OT leaders are leaving valuable data unanalyzed, which can lead to undesirable outcomes, such as costly unplanned downtime.”

“Digital and analytics capabilities can extend the value of, or even replace, legacy operational technologies, helping IT, digital business and operational technology (OT) to better collaborate and leverage common infrastructure - for example, on the factory floor, in the engine room or at the wellhead.” , Gartner®, Top Trends in Data and Analytics for 2021: Data and Analytics at the Edge .

“SAS and ClearBlade offer an AI-driven, no code application designed specifically for operations users that makes it easier and less expensive to quickly uncover actionable insights from fast moving data generated from connected assets across applications and industries,” said Jason Mann, SAS Vice President of IoT. “This partnership accelerates real-time decisioning by ensuring that full value is realized from all streaming data generated in the OT.”

The ClearBlade Intelligent Assets platform gives OT leaders an enterprise-scale productivity solution that doesn’t depend on the availability of scarce data scientist and IT resources. “Our industrial-grade asset productivity platform offers a simple, repeatable, customizable solution that puts the industrial operations user in the driver’s seat,” said Eric Simone, ClearBlade CEO. “When combined with the power of AI-driven SAS Analytics for IoT, we’re helping enterprises enhance intelligence and productivity at the Edge without the burden of coding.”

Visibility breeds better industrial operations

Together, SAS and ClearBlade are creating a smarter way to converge IT and OT by simplifying the delivery of AI and machine learning in edge computing environments. The partners’ work will optimize the enterprise operational environment in several ways:

  • Making real-time decisions at the edge. OT leaders can gain visibility about inefficiencies, failures, and anomalies by using the cloud and industrial IoT (IIoT) edge computing.
  • Scaling effectively. SAS and ClearBlade apply AI to IIoT data enabling OT organizations to scale up no matter the number of connected IoT devices. Tiered pricing and capabilities from edge to enterprise deliver cost justification from the very first asset with increasing ROI as asset volumes scale.
  • Easing IT reliance. The SAS and ClearBlade no-code approach allows OT leaders to configure applications and business logic to ease cross-organizational collaborative decision making without leaning on IT or stretching resources too far.   

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SAS and ClearBlade help OT professionals optimize equipment effectiveness.