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    SAS Environment Management
    Journey from SAS® 9.x to SAS Viya®

    Learn evolution of SAS Environment Management

    Date: 9th Aug, 2022 | Time: 3.30pm IST

    About the webinar

    SAS platform architecture has evolved over the years, and always adopted newer technologies. For decades, SAS 9.x has been installed on-premises, and on commercial hardware. As more customers started moving to cloud-based environments, so did SAS. This gives customers the flexibility to deploy SAS 9 and SAS Viya applications on the cloud. With SAS Viya 4, SAS has adopted a cloud-native architecture based on Kubernetes microservices. This evolution of architecture has also changed how SAS environment are being managed.

    Join us for the webinar on Environment Management journey from SAS 9 to SAS Viya, wherein we discuss the evolution of SAS architecture from 9.x to Viya, and related changes in SAS environment management. This session will help the audience get an understanding of the evolution of SAS Viya platform and it’s administration.

    During this webinar you will learn:

    • Overview of architecture journey from SAS 9.x to SAS Viya.
    • SAS Environment management – key activities.
    • SAS Environment management in SAS 9.x vs SAS Viya.
    • Getting ready for environment management in SAS Viya.

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    Devesh Khanna,
    Sr. Solution Architect, SAS

    Devesh has more than a decade’s experience in SAS Related technologies. In all these years, he has assisted multiple customers with adoption/improvisation of SAS architecture on SAS 9 as well as in SAS Viya.  In his current role as Sr. Solution architect in SAS India, he is helping customers to modernize to SAS Viya Platform & architecture.