Next-Gen ML: Navigating the Landscape of Artificial Intelligence

Harness the power of supervised machine learning models to make better decisions on big data

Build and deploy models while ensuring strong governance. Develop analytics-driven approaches to business problems and gain an in-depth understanding of the analytical life cycle with SAS courses for machine learning engineers.

Machine learning is a method of data analysis that automates analytical model building. It is a branch of artificial intelligence based on the idea that systems can learn from data, identify patterns and make decisions with minimal human intervention.

Want to be industry ready! Join any of our below bootcamps

Instructor-led training

Predictive Business Analytics

Want to do insightful data analysis and predict the future! Learn to use data, statistical algorithms, machine learning and visualization techniques to identify the likelihood of future outcomes based on historical data. The goal is to go beyond knowing what has happened to providing a best assessment of what will happen in the future.


Applied Statistics and Machine Learning

Want to transition from traditional statistical modeling to the machine learning world! Knowledge of statistics relevant to machine learning will prepare you to become a data scientist. Learn to prepare, develop, compare, and deploy advanced analytics models to make better decisions on big data.

Training and teaching

AI and Machine Learning Professional

Want to do work that applies AI and machine learning to business problems and understand each step of the analytical life cycle! Learn essential data science skills, including machine learning, natural language and computer vision, and forecasting and optimization.

Key Features designed to help you achieve your goals

Comprehensive Training

Exhaustive content developed by experts and taught by immemsely experienced trainers

Real-world case studies

Enhance your learning with practical application based on actual case studies.

Hands-on learning

Experience hands-on learning with SAS Viya by accessing the SAS platform

Globally-recognized credentials

Earn a certification tailored with training that helps prepare you for each exam.

Resources to reinforce training

Get full access to video tutorials, class recording, course notes and more.

SAS expertise

Ask questions, find guidance and stay on track with SAS communities.

Case Studies in the Curriculum

Learn the application of machine learning through a comprehensive set of case studies designed by international industry experts in fields such as BFSI, Retail, E-Commerce, Cyber crime and much more.

  • Data Exploration, Data Preparation and Interactive Model Building

    Industry: BFSI

    • Use Statistical Analysis for Data Exploration, Preparation and Interactive Model Building on a Banking data to predict purchasers of an Insurance Product 

    Creating Analysis and Reports

    Industry: Manufacturing

    • Learn the techniques of data exploration, analysis and presentation for manufacturing industry
  • Preparing Data & Manipulation Techniques

    Industry: Airlines

    • Use programming approach for data preparation, manipulation & analysis purpose

    Developing Machine Learning Model and Scoring

    Industry: Telecom

    • Perform Exploratory Data Analysis, Feature Selection model training and validation, model assessment, and scoring

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  • Akshay Dixit

    Akshay Dixit

    Presently working as an analytics training consultant with SAS India, he has extensive training experience in SAS with leading clients both in India and abroad.

    He has conducted workshops in the areas of predictive modelling, big data analytics, data visualisation, and enterprise business intelligence across various sectors, including banking, retail, manufacturing, and telecom.

  • Ritu Sekhon

    Ritu Sekhon

    Presently working as an Analytics Training Consultant with SAS India. She has extensive training experience in SAS with all the leading clients in the Government, Banking, Insurance and Academia in India.

    She has conducted training sessions in the area of Predictive Modelling, Forecasting and Optimization, Visual Statistics, Data Visualization, Text Analytics, Deep Learning. 

  • Vipin Dubey

    Vipin Dubey

    Presently working as an Analytical Training Consultant with SAS. He has 10+ years of Training experience including seven years in Analytical domain.

    He has conducted workshops in the area of Data Visualization and Exploration, Predictive Modeling, Machine Learning and Time Series Analysis.

  • John Coutinho

    John Coutinho

    Presently working as a Senior Education Consultant with SAS India. He has 20+ years of Training and Mentoring experience in SAS with all the leading clients in India and abroad.

    He had conducted mentoring workshops for many clients in Data Management, Business Analytics, Reporting and Administration in SAS Viya.

  • Mahesh Dubey

    Mahesh Dubey

    Presently working as a Senior Training Consultant in Education Department of SAS Institute (India) Private Limted. He has a total experience of 19+ years in the field of education. He has been working with SAS since the last 7+ years and worked wih various leading clients in Asia-Pacific and Middle-East.

    He also has 13+ years of experience in various Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Technologies such as Business Objects, Informatica, Oracle Business Intelligence and Cognos. He has total 10+ International certifications in SAS and Oracle Database.

  • Madhav Desiraju

    Madhav Desiraju

    Presently working as an Education Consultant with SAS India. He has 7+ years of training and consulting experience in Data Management and Analytics. 

    He has conducted programs and workshops for various academic and corporate clients across Healthcare and Banking sectors.

  • Kamakshi Hans

    Kamakshi Hans

    Presently, working as a Training Consultant with SAS India. She has over 5 years of teaching experience in academics with a background in pre-clinical research.

    As a Base SAS Programmer and Clinical Trial Programming Professional, her proficiency extends to data exploration, data manipulation, data analysis, and data visualization.

"In any business, machine learning helps to learn the entire customer life-cycle journey and unearth important information about them"

- The Economic Times

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