Academic Licensing

SAS leads the software industry in the percentage (about 21%) of annual revenues devoted to research and development. As a customer, you will reap the rewards of this investment as SAS continually provides software updates, filled with enhancements, resulting from our R&D efforts. As noted, you will receive these updates automatically as part of your software license.

SAS provides specialized licensing options for Academia. Our standard licensing and pricing models provide Institutes with maximum flexibility in return for minimum commitment.

Academic licensing under standard terms offer the following benefits:

  • The license term empowers customers with the flexibility to reconfigure their SAS software-based solution product mix by canceling and adding products at any time thus tailoring costs to actual needs rather than assumptions.
  • Our approach to licensing allows customers to choose only those products required for their solution.
  • Our MultiVendor Architecture™ combined with licensing programs for mainframes, servers, and desktops give customers the opportunity to configure their SAS solution environment to best fit business needs.
  • Our approach to services from SAS allows the customer to choose from a variety of service programs, ranging from on-site short-term services to full-blown project implementation.
  • The integrated end-to-end decision support environment unique to SAS software offerings allow universities to build a diverse set of data driven business applications that address multiple business functions, processes, and users
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