SAS for Academia and Management Schools

SAS India has partnered with different academic institutions including premier Business Schools, to deliver education in Business Analytics. SAS delivers it through several joint models depending on the skill readiness of the institutions. Some of them are listed below

  • Joint Offering of Specialized Programs
  • Industry based Management Development Programs (MDPs)
  • Train the trainers programs
  • Mentoring and assistance in Business Analytics Center of Excellence

SAS India actively participates and assists in the full life cycle of education programs including skill need assessment and analysis, analytics events & seminars, participants' personalized access to videos, extended learning e-access to participants post training, course content development, marketing assistance, industry use cases, BIG DATA sets, practice vouchers for participants, certification preparation sessions etc.

Following are the Institutes partnering with SAS. Please email us for more details or call us at 0226251000.


Course Name: Master of Science in Data Analytics and P.G. Diploma in Business and Data Analytics.

This program covers analysis of business requirements, industry best practices and ability to assemble analysis flow diagrams using the rich tool set of SAS Enterprise Miner for both pattern discovery (segmentation, association, and sequence analyses) and predictive modeling (decision tree, regression, and neural network models).

Offering a mix of real life examples, basic concepts for Predictive Analytics and the science of decision making shall be dealt with in this 4 day program. Faculty with more than a decade of experience in analytics education in partnership with SAS Institute Consultants.

Program delivery involves lectures, case studies, hands on sessions with real life data, online access to learning, certification preparation sessions etc.

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Indian School of Business

Course Name: ISB Biocon Certificate Programme in Business Analytics (CBA)

The Indian School of Business (ISB), with campuses in Hyderabad and Mohali, launched its first 'hybrid' model executive education programme – ISB Biocon Certificate Programme in Business Analytics (CBA) - with the aim of creating the next generation of data management scientists. Supporting the ISB in this endeavour is Biocon Foundation which has extended full funding support towards developing and nurturing this programme.

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IIM Lucknow

Course Name: Certificate Program in Business Analytics for Executives

Jointly offered by IIM Lucknow, India & Kelley School of Business, Indiana University, USA in association with SAS Institute.

This Certificate Programme in Business Analytics for Executives (CPBAE) will impart cutting edge analytics knowledge using unique blend of online and in-class education. Classes will be conducted at IIM Lucknow campus and online over the Internet.

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IIM Bangalore

Course Name: Certificate Program in Business Analytics

IIM Bangalore has incorporated SAS Predictive Modeling training using Enterprise Miner into the certificate program in one of the executive education programs.

We are in discussions for further extending the relationship by partnering with various initiatives for IIM Bangalore Data Center and Analytics Lab.

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IIM Indore

Course Name: Data Visualization for Mangers through SAS®

IIM-Indore has launched an executive program on “Data Visualization for Mangers through SAS”. along with a flexibility of acquiring one Global professional certification credentials of SAS in the curriculum. Students will be provided hands-on experience on SAS Visual Analytics software through which the entire course will be taught.

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Indian Institute of Management Calcutta

Course Name: IIMC-SAS Training Program on Big Data Analytics

IIM Calcutta (IIMC) and SAS Institute India Pvt. Ltd (SAS) have jointly designed a training program on Big Data analytics.

To examine applications of analytics in business activities using structured and unstructured data. A major thrust of the training program is on blending theoretical case-based knowledge of Big Data analytics techniques with hands-on applications using SAS analytics software.

  • To examine the various applications of analytics in business activities using structured and unstructured data
  • To appreciate the challenges faced by companies in their effort to adopt business analytics
  • To examine how Big Data plays a crucial role in managing modern organizations
  • To develop understanding of doing hands-on traditional business analytics and Big Data analytics using SAS software

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N.L. Dalmia - Mumbai

Course Name: Big Data with SAS® & Advance Analytics with SAS®

Big Data with SAS®

The Big Data Professional post graduate program is a 480 hours course. Learn from the best minds with over 15+ years of industry & Data Science management experience. The course encompasses SAS programming, Introductory Statistics, Data Management & Manipulation, Data Quality, Working with Hadoop, Hive & SAS and Data Visualization

Advance Analytics with SAS®

The Advanced Analytics Professional post graduate program is a 480 hours course which is a unique combination of interdisciplinary coursework and cutting-edge research. Learn from the best minds with over 15+ years of industry & business analytics experience. The course encompasses several applied analytics modules in collaboration with SAS

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Goa Institute of Management

Course Name: Post-Graduate Diploma In Management (Big Data Analytics)

The main objective of the program is to create future-ready, data-fluent managers, who shall be fully equipped to manage the new paradigm of data-driven decision making. The program is designed to give the students adequate understanding of different areas of management with a focus on the application of the BDA tools and techniques to solve business problems. Students will have exposure to statistical theory, data management including big data, and business intelligence systems including machine learning, artificial intelligence and deep learning and related tools, techniques and algorithms.

The programme is structured to have a 40:60 mix of business knowledge and BDA related experience. The state-of-the-art Data Science Laboratory with cloud service which will enable the students to have hands-on training on actual data sets. Apart from this core knowledge and experience required for future managers, the students shall be facilitated to develop those qualities and to internalise those values which will make them effective leaders in organisations. The programme involves extensive application of case-based learning, use of simulations, seminars, and actual hands-on training, assignments both at individual and group levels, and intensive exposure to the actual business problems through on-site industry projects

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Vivekanand Education Society Institute of Management, Mumbai  

Course Name: Two years post graduate program in Business Analytics

Vivekanand Education Society’s Institute of Management & Research (VESIM) has designed a course in Business Analytics that is tailor-made to the needs of the industry that covers all major areas like big data analytics, statistical and predictive analytics, prescriptive and descriptive analytics, data mining and warehousing.

VESIM’s Center of Excellence has joined hands with SAS (India), a leading organization in Business Analytics software to design and deliver PGDM – Business Analytics course. Students shall get opportunity to learn the latest analytics software that have global standards.

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Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology

Course Name: M.Sc. in Data Science

The primary objective of the M.Sc. in Data Science program is to develop a skilled professional workforce that is prepared to address the increasing needs in the rapidly expanding area of big data analytics. The program aims to provide skills in quantitative data analysis, data mining, data modeling and prediction, data storage and management, big data processing, data visualization, programming and communication. SAS based courses/ training and many practical case studies have been integrated in the program to boost the learner confidence and market acceptability. The program also enables the students to obtain SAS global certification and the skills can be ratified and showcased through SAS international certification badges.

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Ganpat University - Centre for Management Studies and Research

Course Name: M.B.A in Business Analytics

The main objective of this program is to prepare future ready managers who are well versed in Analytics and have experience in managing current tools and techniques in vogue. The program will impart skills in programming, data integration, visual business analytics and machine learning, along with the essential communication skills. SAS courses and practical case studies have been integrated in the program to familiarize the students with workplace environment. The program also enables students to obtain SAS global certification and the skills can be ratified and showcased through SAS international certification badges.

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Adamas University

Course Name: M.B.A in Business Analytics

SAS India, the leader in business analytics software and services announced its association with Adamas University for a two-year full time Master of Business Administration in Business Analytics. The program will impart skills in programming, visual business intelligence and machine learning, along with data management using Business Analytics tools as a competitive strategy for problem solving & decision making in real cases. One of the outcomes of the program is attainment of prestigious SAS global credentials via SAS certifications which comes with online badges to be showcased over the social media and professional network sites.

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Avinash College of Commerce, Hyderabad  

Course Name: Three years undergraduate program in Business Analytics


Avinash College is the 1st undergrad college in India to offer SAS Business Analytics with BBA/B.Com degree.

Avinash Group of Institutions has a power-packed partnership with SAS® and have created a course designed specifically for the finance and commerce professionals on Business Analytics.The Course and Curriculum is designed keeping in mind the industry requirements and offering the end to end knowledge, skill and competency in the major areas of analytics like Information Management, Visualization Analytics and Advanced Analytical Modeling.

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Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies - Pune

Course Name: Data Science for Business Users

Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies with SAS has launched an executive program - Data Scientist for Business users. It will also give students a flexibility of acquiring three Global professional certification credentials of SAS.
This course is usedful for Business Users who wants to acquire Data Scientist skills related in their respective domain. 

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NMIMS - School of Science, Mumbai

Course Name: Certificate Program in Business Analytics (Predictive Modelling)

SVKM's NMIMS, School of Science, Mumbai in association with SAS Institute India has amalgamated to offer a Certificate Program in Business Analytics consisting of:

  • Statistical Concepts using Case Studies
  • Training on Predictive Modelling using Enterprise Guide and Enterprise Miner.

In business, predictive models exploit patterns found in historical and transactional data to identify risks and opportunities. Models capture relationships among many factors to allow assessment of risk or potential associated with a particular set of conditions, guiding decision making for candidate transactions. Thus, School of Science, NMIMS with SAS offers this statistical programme to train the future "data analysts/data scientist's" so as to propel India's leap in Analytics.

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NMIMS - Global Access School for Continuing Education

Course Name: Management Program in Data Vizualization & Executive Program in Big Data & Machine Learning

This is the most sought after career option - Large business and corporations are sitting on large piles of data today which is the ‘New’ Oil today. However the art of ‘Refining’ that data and converting it into actionable intelligence is the key to leveraging its potential. CXO’s have now realized the potential of this data to build business efficiencies and discover newer and better ways of reaching customers – both new and existing. For this very reason most CXO’s have started investing in analytical tools & predictive modelling.

For the first time in India, NMIMS and SAS have joined hands to provide a platform to working professionals and students, hard pressed for time, to learn the most important SAS tools through the Online Learning mode. The course is an absolute one-of-a-kind in the country where-by students will be taught by expert faculties from both NMIMS and SAS. The students will also have an opportunity to earn certification – from both NMIMS and SAS.

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NMIMS Hyderabad

Course Name: Certificate Program in Business Analyst - Hyderabad

Business analytics (BA) refers to the skills, technologies, applications and practices for continuous iterative exploration and investigation of past business performance to gain insight and drive business planning. Increases in computing power and the amount of data collected have led to the development and widespread adoption of analytics by numerous industries.

The proposed program on Business Analytics will combine coursework on developing analytical thinking, introductory and advanced statistical concepts, and applications across wide section of industry and functional domains.

In partnership with SAS, a 5-day 'Statistical Business Analyst' program will be conducted by SAS leading to SAS Certification as well. This program will be delivered by SAS at the end of the Certification Program offered by NMIMS. The students will be provided by the SAS course material and the necessary software package with validity over the training period

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NMIMS - Bangalore

Course Name: Certificate Program in Business Intelligence and Visual Analytics

SVKM's NMIMS, Bangalore in association with SAS Institute India is offering a Certificate Program in Business Intelligence and Visual Analytics. The proposed 6-day program will consist of advanced topics in Business Intelligence as well as Visual Analytics.

An effective business intelligence system can analyze the vast amount of data to provide information when it is needed. However, such systems are under pressure as data becomes bigger and more complex. Hence, there is an urgent need for developing innovative solutions that will enhance the effectiveness of traditional business intelligence systems.

Visual Analytics is the science of analytical reasoning supported by interactive visual interfaces. This allows decision makers to combine human flexibility, creativity, and contextual knowledge to gain insights. It is an integrated approach combining visualization, human factors, and data analysis. Over the past decade, while many tools and techniques have been developed to support visual analytics, the awareness index and adoption is low. This programme is designed to help enhance the knowledge quotient on visual analytics and enable organizations take steps to accelerate its adoption for effective decision-making.

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Jaro Education

Course Name: Post Graduate Program in Data Science & Analytics

Institute for future education entrepreneurship and leadership(iFEEL) along with Jaro Education Ltd has launched a Full Time Post Graduate Certificate Program in Data Science & Analytics powered by technology partner SAS®. The program is a gateway for students pursuing a MS in Business Analytics with University of Dallas.

In addition to the above, they also offers a Weekend Post Graduate Certificate Program for working executives as well as an Online Certification Program in Data Science & Analytics

SAS® India has partnered with Jaro Education to train and deliver Base SAS® Certification course in this program.