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Our instructors include thought leaders, subject matter experts and bestselling authors. Bart Baesens and his team will be on hand to deliver this new series of Live Web classes. Their genius is your opportunity, come learn and interact.

Bart Baesens​

Bart lives in Belgium and is a lecturer at the University of Southampton (UK). He’s done extensive research on big data, credit risk and fraud analytics. Bart’s a wine lover and ardent reader of World War I and II history. And he’s a spirited football fan.

Cristian Bravo

Cristián is an associate professor and the Canada Research Chair in Banking and Insurance Analytics. His research focuses on the development and application of data science methodologies in the context of credit risk analytics. Cristián is an avid reader, with interests, from philosophy to general science.

Seppe vanden Broucke​ ​

Seppe is an assistant professor at UGent (Belgium) and is a lecturer at KU Leuven (Belgium). Seppe's research interests include business analytics, machine learning, and process mining. His work has been published in international journals and presented at conferences.

Tim Verdonck

Tim is Professor Statistics and Data Science at University of Antwerp. His research interests are in the development and application of robust statistical methods for financial, actuarial and economic datasets. Tim loves travelling and on holidays, he likes to dive, snowboard and wakeboard.

Did you know... Bart Baesens has co-authored more than 250 scientific papers and 10 books. Baesens regularly tutors, advises and provides consulting support to international firms with respect to their analytics and credit risk management strategy. He is listed in Stanford University's new database of top scientists in the world. He was also named one of the world's top educators in data science by CDO magazine in 2021.

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