SAS unveils its Customer Intelligence 360 Marketing Cloud Instance in India

SAS, the leader in business analytics software and services, announced today that it has set up SAS Customer Intelligence 360 Marketing Cloud Instance in Mumbai to support its Indian customers with an exceptional service that offers low latency, data privacy, data sovereignty and local support. This will enable SAS customers scale up their marketing initiatives to create relevant, satisfying, valued customer experiences tailored to each unique customer's journey. The instance is the fifth for SAS in the world following the launches in US, Europe, Japan and Australia and signifies its commitment to its Indian customers.

The unique hybrid marketing architecture developed by SAS allows organizations to source & merge from both cloud-based digital data sources and on-premise traditional data sources into a single unified data model for customer engagement activities. This unique capability allows organizations to avoid costly and time-consuming effort of “lifting and shifting” data into marketing clouds. It also allows to secure and govern data in compliance with regional, federal, and local regulations. This gives customers the choice & flexibility to host their data to reside on their premises, private cloud/ data center or choose to host data on SAS India instance.

Today’s consumers are flooded with more information and offers than ever before. Thus, capturing their attention quickly and standing out from the crowd, often defines success or failure of a campaign. SAS Customer Intelligence 360 bridges this gap as it builds on SAS’s inherent analytics strength by offering marketers embedded predictive analytics for a 360-degree customer view. Marketers will benefit from rapid access to evolving insights from their campaigns coupled with the ability to optimize their marketing spends. Additionally, being equipped with Customer Data Platform (CDP) capabilities means that marketing teams now get a holistic view of their customer’s journey through various channels in real-time. This empowers marketers to move the needle from data, to insights, to action with the help of powerful analytics and AI capabilities, enabling personalized customer experiences that creates long lasting brand loyalty as well as improves profitability.

“With a local SAS Customer Intelligence 360 Marketing Cloud Instance, we are stepping up our commitment to our customers by providing them the power of SaaS. Enterprises and marketing teams can now reap the benefits of cloud for their marketing and customer intelligence needs in complete adherence to local data sovereignty laws,” said Noshin Kagalwalla, VP & Managing Director, SAS India.

“SAS Customer Intelligence 360 enables marketers with intelligent purpose-built marketing for adaptive planning, journey activation and contextual engagements all in real-time, regardless of the level of marketing maturity. The SaaS offering available on SAS CI360 Marketing Cloud guarantees customers stay current on the latest software version, with flexible terms of subscription that enables easy access to off-the-shelf solutions. Offering a cloud instance in India is a leap towards ease of delivery for our customers”, said Nirlap Vora, Director, Customer Advisory and Customer Success, SAS India.

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