Cooperative Research Centre to maximise the collaborative benefits of Big Data for Australia

Minister for Industry, Ian Macfarlane, today launched the new $92 million Data to Decisions Cooperative Research Centre which will play a critical role maximising the benefits of ‘big data’ for Australia’s defence and national security sector.

The Data to Decisions Cooperative Research Centre commenced operations on 1 July 2014 and represents an investment of $92 million into Australia’s big data research effort over the next five years, with $25 million being contributed through the Cooperative Research Centres program, an Australian Government Initiative.

Dr Sanjay Mazumdar, D2D CRC CEO said, “The CRC will lead pioneering, transformational big data research to help the National Security Community make critical security decisions faster and more accurately.”

“Addressing big data challenges and applying high-performance analytics can make the difference between predicting a threat and reacting to a catastrophic aftermath.”

“The key to delivering on the national security big data needs will be a strongly collaborative approach involving the agencies, industry and the research community. The agencies are defining their needs and providing operational experts into the CRC, industry is providing existing solutions and technical experts and these inputs will be used to define the capability gaps that the CRC will address,” said Dr Mazumdar.

These capability gaps will guide the research programs of Data Storage and Management, Analytics and Decision Support and Law and Policy for Big Data Analysis for the CRC.

“We are confident that this approach will ensure a strongly end user driven and outcome focussed research agenda and a collaborative environment that will ensure that the impact of the CRC is greater than the sum of its parts,” said Dr Mazumdar.

The D2D CRC will benefit from the collaboration of over twenty different organisations which range from government, industry, universities and research institutions throughout Australia whilst the D2D CRC will foster new relationships with leading US universities and consulting groups.

One of the many key industry participants is SAS. “What excites us about the CRC is the research and development aspect of it. R&D is a key driver of our business. And in fact, we are more committed to it than most other organisations. So much so that we commit 25 per cent of our revenue every year to R&D,” said David Bowie, Managing Director, Australia and New Zealand.

“Collaborative ventures such as the CRC are a way of bringing together Australia’s best research organisations as well as the skills and capabilities of a range of industry participants. It not only provides a forum to develop intellectual property, but it also provides the means to develop a productive engagement with the national security sector.”

“And with government, education and industry all involved, it becomes easier for security agencies to collaborate.” Mr Bowie said.

The D2D CRC’s national headquarters is in South Australia with teams in Victoria and New South Wales.

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