BIOAXIS Healthcare improves patients’ quality of life using SAS® Visual Analytics

BIOAXIS Healthcare, one of the fastest-growing and most dynamic health care providers in Greece, selected SAS® Visual Analytics to provide better services to its patients and corporate clients, which include pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies and hospitals.

One of today’s biggest health care problems is getting patients to comply with medical treatment. Failure to follow doctors’ orders increases illness rates and hospital visits, and directly affects patients and the entire health care system.

With SAS Visual Analytics, a highly visual, in-memory solution for exploring any amount of data very quickly, BIOAXIS can now largely resolve these problems. SAS processes large volumes of data from the BIOAXIS customer database, enabling the company to rapidly collect and analyze patient information. The timely, reliable reports help the company and its clients understand and resolve patient compliance issues.

SAS software’s extremely user-friendly graphic interface and automated analytics give BIOAXIS staff the ability to analyze data in seconds and clearly present the results online or on mobile devices, such as iPad® or Android tablets.

A truly strategic investment for BIOAXIS, SAS Visual Analytics now enables the company to adapt its business plans to the continually changing health care landscape while significantly improving the services it provides to insurers, hospitals and corporate clients. The benefits are primarily related to improving the health of patients, who are more likely to systematically follow their medical treatment and stay on the track to recovery.

BIOAXIS aims to extend the use of SAS Visual Analytics into other departments to create additional reports and advance other functions, including complicated data processing and simulations.

“One of the key sectors in which our company invests is health care IT services, and data analysis in particular,” said Vassilis Triantopoulos, CEO of BIOAXIS Healthcare Greece. “The knowledge we gain helps us improve the lives of patients and helps the health care system manage costs. We selected SAS Visual Analytics for the state-of-the-art, complex analyses and reports it offers in a simple, easy-to-understand environment.”

Nikos Peppas, Country Manager for SAS Greece, Cyprus and Bulgaria, commented, "We are particularly pleased that such a dynamic company as BIOAXIS, which operates in a rapidly developing sector, has joined the SAS family. BIOAXIS Healthcare’s mission is to offer the best possible care to patients. They can now achieve that faster and more effectively with SAS Visual Analytics.”

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, INTEGRIS Health and Taipei Medical University are among the leading health care industry organizations that use SAS.

Additional information can be found in the white paper Capitalizing on the Power of Big Data for Healthcare, which describes how high-performance analytics is ushering in a new era in the health care industry.


BIOAXIS Healthcare is the largest company providing patient service management and support in Greece and the only company providing certified cold chain home medicine delivery. BIOAXIS Healthcare manages and serves thousands of patients in Greece each year while providing consistent support to the largest pharmaceutical companies.

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