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Creating long-term loyalty through analytics 

Today we have the data and the technology to know our customers and what they want, even before they do. So why is it that only 12% of marketers feel they have a strong understanding of customer behavior over time* – and brand loyalty feels more fleeting than ever?

Through analytics, marketers can turn lack of understanding into opportunity and deliver a message of confidence to every customer that says, “We know you, and we’re there for you at every step of your journey.”

Read on to learn how analytics can help cultivate long-term loyalty and turn customers into advocates.

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Customer advocates: Finding your customers’ BFFs

Learn how advocacy campaigns can help you find your best customers.

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Linking data to the customer journey

Data-driven context is critical to truly understanding your customers.

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Align data and analytics across the customer journey

Know how to apply data at the right place at the right time in the customer journey.

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An analytics checklist for customer intelligence

7 must-dos that will improve your customer marketing and predictive capabilities.

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Customer journeys: How to be ready when customers visit

Making the customer journey consistently satisfying comes down to three things.

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Brand equity has a big role in RCI's strategy

Learn how this top brand has improved brand equity with analytics.

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* Econsultancy, “Customer Recognition: How Marketing Is Failing at Its Top Priority,” October 2016

We can fine-tune our customer treatment strategies as well as our customer acquisition efforts to generate very high returns. Seacoast Bank logo Jeff Lee Chief Marketing Officer Seacoast Bank

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