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Panel Members

Sunil Kumar

Sunil Kumar,
Chief Compliance Officer,
Federal Bank

Sibi Mathias

Sibi Mathias,
Chief Compliance Officer,
South Indian Bank

Mani Palaniswamy

Mani Palaniswamy,
Head of Fraud and Security Intelligence - BFSI, SAS India

Sanchita Sahay

Sanchita Sahay Mustauphy,
Chief Risk Officer,
Tata Capital


Today's biggest challenge is to establish continuous monitoring and have better visibility into the control failures and gaps and in mapping compliance and business risks, primarily when personnel operate from remote offices.

Organisations believe having a control monitoring platform which is data-driven, would enable organizations to build a multi-line of defence in view of providing an integrated posture of risk and compliance breaches within the organization.

As the head of critical control functions, including risk management, audit, compliance, security, and the business, would you think it is essential to establish a risk-based approach to detect risk and compliance exceptions and ensure compliance to control framework from anywhere? Will a data-driven approach minimize the breach penalties, audit / compliance review delays?

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Join us in this panel discussion to understand:

  • How to enable digitalization of risk and compliance processes using a data-driven approach rather than process automation with continuous control and monitoringn
  • Build synergies between compliance, audit, and risk management
  • How continuous monitoring program enable proactive approach to spotting anomalies / exceptions and resolution rather than reactive issue management, while establishing cost and time efficiency

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