Dr. Andreas Becks
Head of Customer Advisory Insurance

Digitalization, big data analytics, AI and machine learning are already disrupting industries. While the buzz and hype have captured the popular imagination, there are serious implications for businesses, including the insurance sector. Driven by new competition from insuretechs, massively changing customer expectations, and increasing regulation, traditional insurers are facing transformation on a scale never seen before.

Navigating through this level of change means CEOs, Chief Marketing and Sales Officers, Chief Digitalization Officers and CIOs need to reimagine their business models, supporting processes and skills. Machine learning, AI and the human:algorithm partnership will be important elements. These will address aspects of customer experience, cost reduction, productivity, and definition of fully digitalized products. Nothing short of full cultural change in their organizations is required.

Having worked with numerous international customers across industries, Andreas specializes in how to take advantage of and generate value from analytics and AI. He combines interdisciplinary skills with a solid scientific background in artificial intelligence, psychology and business administration. As a thought leader, public speaker, blogger, author of specialist articles, and trusted advisor he supports leaders to shape and foster technology-enabled business innovation.

Prior to his managing position at SAS, he held various senior positions in research and development, as a business and solution architect and in the strategic product management of a software company. Andreas owns a degree as a computer scientist, holds a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence from Aachen Technical University as well as an MBA from the University of St. Gallen.

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Speaker engagements

2022AI and CuriosityCuriosity and AI: An open panel discussion hosted by Pie & AI Suisse
AI Suisse
2021Der ethische Algorithmus für VersicherteData Science, KI und Machine Learning - was bedeutet das in der Versicherung?
German Data Science Society (GDS)
2020Impulsreferat und Online-Diskussion Digitalisierung im Spannungsfeld von Krise und Zukunft. online event
MFG Baden-Württemberg, Stadt Heidelberg, virtuelles Event
2020Wie Digitale Transformation gelingt: Ein integrierter Ansatz für den Aufbruch ins Ungewisse. SAS Forum digital 2020
2020Presentation and panel discussion: The evolving role of actuaries for the innovation agenda of insurance. In: Driving Innovation in Insurance: The New Age Actuary, MINT and SAS India, Virtual Panel On-demand Video
MINT and SAS India
2019Artificial Intelligence & Ethics - Fairness, Accountability, Trust.
13th Annual Transatlantic Business Conference, Berlin
American Chamber of Commerce
2019Raus aus dem Labor, rein in die Geschäftsprozesse: Praxisbeispiele und Anforderungen für
Künstliche Intelligenz in der Versicherung.
24. Kölner Versicherungssymposium
TH Köln
2019KI-Entscheidungen erklärbar machen. Stuttgarter Zukunftssymposium
Giordano-Bruno-Stiftung, Weltethos-Institut, Integrata Stiftung
2019Artificial Intelligence: Applications, Technologies, and Processes in Financial Services. EMEA Experience Analytics Boot Camp and Summit, Berlin