Márcio Dobal

Senior Regional Vice President, SAS Asia Pacific

Márcio Dobal is based in Melbourne, Australia and leads a team working in 14 countries across the Asia Pacific region. Responsible for the success of the company’s regional operations and for driving growth, he has held his current position since January 2016.  He has more than 30 years’ experience in management, sales and leadership roles.  

Dobal outlines his management challenge as, “Installing and maintaining a sense of urgency based on common best practices across many very diverse national cultures. This requires realistic planning, fast decision and discipline in execution. My objective is to translate those values, together with the SAS culture, to ensure that we meet our customer commitments every time.”

He brings to his current role the leadership style he developed in his previous positions as President of SAS Latin America (South Region) and Regional Vice President of SAS Latin America. “Success results from surrounding myself with people I trust and believe in and to whom I can confidently delegate maximum responsibility. That responsibility is to show our customers what is possible with our analytics advantage, and help them achieve it. This management by “clan” led to significant growth across that region.”

Dobal is an Electronic Engineer from Brazil’s Institute of Aeronautical Engineering and has previously worked in companies such as TiVit, IBM, Software Artistry and BEA Software.

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