The Future of Retail is Already Here


The future of retail is already here.

The future of retail is already here.

About this eBook

Next-generation retail is no longer a distant prospect – it is here and transforming everything. To stay ahead of competition, now is the time to use data analytics to support your decisions and the way you engage with customer, in real time, as they shop.

SAS enables create deeper, more personalised customer experiences that raise satisfaction levels and boost profitability. You can gain insights from all sources of data – so you can act smarter and faster – in the moments that matter.

In this e-book we’ll show you how you can win:

  • Plan and predict demand more accurately
  • Access customer data no matter where it’s from or where it lives
  • Use customer insights to plan customer journeys and make smarter decisions
  • Optimise merchandising and marketing strategies with one true view of processes, systems and customers
  • Deliver true customer-centricity
  • Use AI and ML to accelerate your digital transformation
  • Monitor forecast performance to understand value added or lost at each step and build models that reflect business realities