Supercharging the HSBC banking experience


Supercharging the HSBC banking experience

Extracting more value from analytics investments to deliver best-in-class customer service

About the eBook

In this eBook, we want to uncover the challenges that HSBC faces in creating a seamless banking experience, and how they can utilise existing data to do more with less. By extending its partnership with SAS to new business areas, HSBC can supercharge customer journey analytics, mapping, and orchestration, and drive continuous improvement in conversion rates and customer loyalty.

In this eBook we will explore:

  • How can we gain a 360-degree view of each customer’s activity across all channels?
  • How can we analyse each customer’s behaviour to understand their intent?
  • How can we use this data to create personalised customer journeys in real time?
  • How can we connect customer feedback into our processes to drive continuous improvement?
  • How can we use data to shape longer-term customer experience strategies?
  • How can we harness automation to improve customer service while reducing costs?