Fraud: a tax that UK citizens can’t afford

How AI and data analytics can help governments prevent fraud, protect public services, and ensure taxpayers get value for money.

As global economies struggle in the wake of the pandemic, public sector fraud is a growing issue that dampens recovery, threatens front-line services, and damages confidence in government.

In this eBook, SAS explores the dark world of government fraud and shines a light on the key issues that government decision-makers need to understand:

  • The financial impact of fraud on UK government and its taxpayers
  • Why fraud is an enabler for organised crime and human rights abuses
  • How fraudsters target vulnerabilities in government processes
  • Which government agencies are most vulnerable to fraudsters
  • How governments can tackle fraud through technology
  • What to look for in a fraud solution

"UK governments total receipts for 2019/20 were £828 billion, with the percentage lost to fraud at 6.4% ... is nearly £13 billion!"