Driving the edge of innovation:

Is there a happy marriage between open source development and governance?

Not so long ago innovation was largely the preserve of product development – an activity confined to R&D and marketing teams, and undertaken in well planned cycles. Today that status quo has been shattered by digitalisation which is reshaping business and key parts of the public sector.

By making use of new data sets, analysing them to discover what they’re really telling you, you can achieve much more, including:

  • Developing new competitive advantages
  • Transforming revenue streams and profitability
  • Improving production quality
  • Predicting outcomes of operational and strategic decisions

Download this paper to understand how innovation and governance can co-exist in harmony.

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SAS and the Open Ecosystem

SAS software's primary focus is on getting maximum value from analytics. A reliable, open analytics platform underpins that focus. Combining the power of SAS with open source technologies enables you to unify disparate toolsets, eliminate silos, increase productivity, foster collaboration and facilitate business agility.

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