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Visualising Big Data

Discover how analytics in sports is fast becoming the new science of winning.

About this on-demand webinar

The volume, variety, and velocity of data available for businesses to use in their decision making is increasing exponentially. Speed to insight has become a major competitive differentiator. But data is valuable only if the presentation, and sharing of critical information can be accelerated. The old world of IT maintained, slow to report and complex to change Business Intelligence is changing. A new generation of flexible, fast, powerful but easy-to-use data visualisation software has arrived..

The webinar, covers an introduction to visual analytics, covering aspects such as easy to use analytics, Twitter input and dynamic dash boarding with a football flavour.

In this 30min bite-sized webinar we will:

  • The advantages that come from an enterprise scale in-memory solution
  • How the incorporation of analytics to visualisation allowed us to create SAS Visual Analytics
  • How easy it is to build the reports you want with an on the fly demonstration

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