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SAS Visual Statistics

The latest Big Data Analytics solution from SAS

About this on-demand webinar

Get precise answers from diverse data. Quickly surface insights hidden in vast stores of data. And discover and evaluate new opportunities. We've combined powerful, predictive analytics with visual data exploration capabilities in a single, interactive environment. The result? Business analysts and statisticians can do more with data than ever before.

SAS Visual Statistics performs complex analytic computations using an in-memory engine, without copying or caching data. Now, you can test new ideas. Refine models on the fly. And get answers faster.

In this 30min bite-sized webinar we will:

  • Introduce you to our latest technology, SAS Visual Statistics
  • Demonstrate how it can run powerful analytical algorithms without the need to code
  • Crunch vast quantities of data in an instant using “in-memory” processing

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