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Taking the fight to the insurance fraudsters

Enhancing fraud detection and prevention

About this on-demand webinar

In associtation with Marketforce, this on-demand webinar explores how the insurance industry is responding to the evolving, ever-present threat of fraud and what more could be done to enhance its detection and prevention procedures.

Topics discussed

  • What does an online, aggregator-led environment mean for fraud?
  • How are insurers adapting?
  • Application vs claims fraud: where are resources being focused? What more can be done to optimise internal collaboration and data sharing?
  • Is intra-industry co-operation working? What are the impediments to further improvements?
  • How can insurers most effectively engage brokers in the fight against fraud?
  • IFR, MyLicence and beyond: how successful have existing data initiatives been? Which areas need improvement next and who should lead on this?
  • Internal and external data: which sources are most useful? How can they best be mobilised?
  • How can insurers make best use of fraud analytics but still maintain a human touch?


  • Glen Marr, 1st Central
    Director of Fraud
  • Adele Sumner, RSA Group
    Head of Fraud Intelligence & Strategic Development
  • Alanda Reynolds, Zurich Insurance
    Head of Personal Lines Underwriting Fraud
  • Jamie Hutton, SAS UK & Ireland
    Solutions Lead - Fraud & Financial Crimes

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