Why choose SAS for Law Enforcement solutions?

Improve investigative outcomes. Operate more proactively.

  • Use text analytics, machine learning and predictive analytics to automatically push alerts to agents and inspectors when anomalies in the data are detected or normal threshold behaviour is exceeded.

Make data-led, risk-based decisions across the organisation.

  • Quickly organize large amounts of data to visually identify hidden associations, spot patterns and detect trends, yielding investigative insights that would be impossible to see otherwise.
  • Rapidly integrate, search and analyse disparate data from a variety of sources for a more complete picture of a person's history, which provides context and a greater understanding.
  • Create and manage intelligence reports and investigations in accordance with federal regulations and standrad procedures.
  • Produce unalterable audit trails that provide security and governance should data be needed in a legal proceeding.

Take advantage of the latest technology utilising advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI).

  • Reduce the complexity, challenges and time associated with integrating disjointed tools from multiple vendors by using a single solution that integrates all operational tasks.
  • Follow processes that enable different vendor solutions to work together.
  • Adopt police-focused analytics, including relationship link analysis, comprehensive timelines, text analytics, AI, natural language processing, computer vision and machine learning.