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OSINT & Social Media Monitoring

Using open source data to identify threat, risk and harm to support the investigation process and protect the public

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About the webinar

Social media data can be used to provide valuable insight to help counter terrorism, target violence, support crisis management, mitigate unrest and counter radicalisation.  

In this webinar, we will discuss methodologies and tools like artificial intelligence that can be used to investigate social media data, enhance situational awareness, improve decision making, anticipate events before they happen, disrupt criminality and protect the public.

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About the Expert

Emmanuel Jacque
Fraud & Security Intelligence Team
Principal – Fraud & Security Intelligence Solutions

Emmanuel will be supporting our opportunities in the government sector, more specifically for Border, Customs, Intelligence and Defense. Emmanuel has been partnering with SAS for over a year through his company OAK Branch, helping develop solutions for the public sector. He is a former military officer and spent 28 years working for several intelligence agencies. He has developed a solution that enabled early detection of radicalized individuals using the SAS platform, this was recognized by receiving an award from the Head of the Police Department and Mayor of Paris

If you are interested in learning how we are helping Law Enforcement organisations leverage analytics, please get in touch with Emmanuel Jacque either through email or LinkedIn

About the Host

Andy Davies
Public Sector Client Manager

Prior to joining SAS, Andy worked as a police analyst for nearly 10 years and was involved in data migration, software adoption, data quality and business intelligence projects. Since leaving the police Andy helps customers across the public sector develop their use of analytics and intelligence using SAS.

If you are interested in learning how we are helping Law Enforcement organisations leverage analytics, please get in touch with Andy Davies either through email or LinkedIn

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