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Insider Fraud - The Threat from Within

Thursday 22nd October at 2pm

Most organisations have effective physical and virtual security to protect themselves from external threats to the cash, valuable assets and intellectual property they own. But the biggest threat to these organisations may well lie beyond the firewalls and are already be at work on the inside.

If your organisation struggles with uncontrolled losses, chances are that insiders may play a critical role. But how do you identify systematic abuse and fraud by insiders?

This bite-sized 30min webinar will introduce you to the many surprising ways sports organisations are using the sports, and how they could benefit you:

  • How can you effectively monitor, analyse and protect organisations from insider fraud
  • How to cope with data that is disparate, large in volume and also unstructured
  • How the SAS offering remains flexible when the threat is from insider fraud is ever changing
  • And much much more...

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