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How to understand customer needs across multiple channels, without drowning in information!

During this webinar we will share insights on how you can interpret your customer data easily, enable true predictive marketing, and drive a more personalised experience for your customers.

About the webinar

The data you collect on your customers is an extremely valuable resource. But only if you can analyse and translate it into actionable information that gives you the detail on the person behind the numbers.

Many marketers and organisations don’t know where to start with the data they have and could be focussing on the wrong areas.

Why attend?

In this webinar, Oliver Sheerin, Customer Intelligence Advisor at SAS UKI will share insights on how to

  • Interpret your customer data more easily
  • Enable true predictive marketing
  • Drive a more personalised experience for your customers

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About the Expert

Speaker 1

Oliver Sheerin

Oliver Sheerin is a Customer Intelligence Solutions Advisor at SAS Software Ltd. After spending nearly five years at Amazon.co.uk, Oliver has expertise across a number of retail categories in digital marketing, customer insight and customer engagement roles. He is currently focused helping companies improve their customer experience and customer data strategies and will be sharing his experiences with you across a series of webinars.


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