Live Webinar

How to drive an effective Data and Analytics strategy to improve business outcomes in a multi-cloud world?

28 April 2022, 2 p.m. – 3 p.m. BST
Duration: 60mins

About the webinar

Analytics adoption is no longer confined to a single cloud vendor. Organisations now manage risk and play to the strengths of the each public cloud providers and to hosted software solutions.

To drive effective business outcomes and business agility, multi-cloud analytics strategy is becoming a necessity. This shift is governed by the drive to manage concentration risk, data compliance issues and to maximize the value analytics deliver. What's needed is to interweave the major public cloud provider services while retaining a cost-effective internal cloud provision.

Join the webinar to learn:

  • Key considerations for designing an integrated data and analytics engineering strategy on multi-cloud
  • Why analytics (and its various flavours) have different considerations
  • Which technology patterns best assist to support this
  • About our practical experiences with customers

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About our presenter

Paul Jones 
Head of Technology, SAS UK & Ireland

Paul has championed the cause of analytics within enterprises across the UK & Ireland. Currently, Paul heads the Technology Practice for SAS and works closely with key customers across the region as well as supporting some EMEA based customers. His current role is to help organizations face their AI and data challenges by adopting an enterprise wide analytical strategy to derive value within their data.

Paul enjoys being at the coal face with customers and helping to shape successful outcomes in complex projects. Paul team is responsible for customer advisory services on analytics Cloud adoption in the UK& Ireland and is frequent speaker on that subject.