On-demand Webinar

From State Actors to Single Mothers - Fraudsters are as diverse as the rest of us

Duration: 45mins

About the webinar

Fraud is a multi-facetted threat both across the public sector and within a single organisation. From deliberate error to organised crime there is no one methodology that can be used to tackle all fraud typologies.

If we accept this as the reality, then

  • How do organisations apply tactical solutions and yet maintain a coherent strategy?
  • How do they ensure that the individual models are fair and that combined there is no discrimination?
  • How do organisations manage the large number of models, consistently monitoring performance, challenging poor performers and applying machine learning?
  • How structuring is a technological solution and how do you modify the organisation to use advanced analytics?
  • What type of advice would you give an organisation to initiate a fraud detection journey?

This session will look at the underlying challenges of multi discipline fraud disruption and methods to deal with them.


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About the Experts

Colin Gray
Principal Consultant, SAS UK

Colin graduated in Mathematical Sciences with 1st Class Honours. He started his career training to be an actuary and holds a Certificate of Actuarial Techniques and is a Chartered Statistician. Since moving to SAS, he has concentrated on the detection and prevention of fraud, through the use of Analytics across multiple industries including detection of insider trading on behalf of a regulator, credit and debit card fraud for a high street bank and fraud at a large telco provider.

Peter Snelling
Principal Technical Account Manager

Pete is a Principal Technical Account Manager in the Public Sector team at SAS UK. Peter's responsibilities include raising the awareness of SAS software within the UK public sector particularly in counter fraud and non-compliance.

Laurent Colombant
EMEA Fraud and Compliance solution lead

Laurent has been assisting customers in tackling financial crime using NLP, ML and analytics since 1999.

After focusing on sanctions screening, anti-money laundering, payment fraud and terrorist cell financing. He currently working on applying analytics and machine learning to continuously monitoring procurement processes, spend, travel and expenses, contract compliance as well as ongoing supplier risk assessments.

He holds an MBA in Finance from the University of Michigan and a joint degree in linguistics, econometrics and computing from the University of Montreal.