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SAS® Customer Link Analytics

Better understand your customers and the roles they play in social networks.

Identify your customers' social communities and the roles that individual customers play. Understand how social relationships influence purchase behavior and loyalty. And target customers accordingly to improve campaign effectiveness and better retain high-value, influential customers.

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  • Embedded analytics. Social network relational analytics based on optimized algorithms and network flow procedures.
  • Network visualization, dashboards and reports. Ability to search social networks for influencers or outliers using community variables (sizes, traffic, etc.) and/or member variables (roles, carriers, scores, etc.).
  • Customer segmentation and mining. Ability to use social network data attributes to enhance segmentation and refine retention messaging.
  • Campaign management. Integrate with SAS Marketing Automation to use segments created as the basis for marketing program execution across inbound and outbound channels.


  • Marketing optimization. Easy integration with SAS Marketing Optimization for optimizing across marketing campaigns and individual communications based on social networking weighting scores.
  • Performance measurement and management. Integrates with SAS Marketing Performance Management to use marketing metrics combined with social network weightings to understand marketing spend against customer segments.
  • World-class advanced analytics support. Trained analytical professionals help you extract the most value from the solution for use in your marketing efforts.
  • Award-winning customer support. Global 24/7 support.

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