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SAS Consulting experts provide leadership, guidance and support to enable you to efficiently capture, store and exploit data using SAS technology. Our expert services range from upgrades through to full life cycle implementation projects. We work with your staff and partners to help you quickly adopt new products and solutions, to realise the value of your investment in our technology.


Committed to helping you

The corporate intelligence housed in your data is unique, defining the diverse facets of who you are, what you have accomplished and how you can succeed. At SAS, we are committed to helping you transform this raw data into vital enterprise intelligence by delivering the technical solutions and services you need. We blend award-winning software with flexible business and technical consulting services to turn your business strategies into a real competitive advantage.

We have been collaborating with our customers to solve their business problems, taking the time to listen and learn about your specific business challenges and enterprise goals, to establish a foundation for strategic advancement. This enables us to deliver the right SAS software technology paired with tailored services to solve your unique requirements.

In-depth industry knowledge

No matter your industry, throughout your service engagement, our expert consultants share their in-depth industry and domain expertise with your staff, leveraging their real-world experience, industry best practices and technology best practices, to enable your team to succeed in the future. 

Technology and Solutions

Through years of experience in helping solve real-world business problems, our consultants deliver a continuum of modular, flexible consulting services that customized to meet your specific needs.

Dedicated to long-term success

Whether you are just beginning to explore how we can help you reach your goals or seeking to learn new ways to adapt your existing SAS technology to constantly changing business challenges, we are dedicated to your long-term success. The bottom line is, no other vendor can match the ability of SAS' technology and services to support a complete process for delivering high-value business solutions. Contact us today, to learn more about how we can help your organization use technology as a competitive advantage.

The companies that will thrive in today's competitive marketplace are the ones that can quickly react to rapidly changing economic realities and customer demands. Choosing the right technology and solutions to integrate into your key business processes provides the competitive advantage that can make a difference. Engaging SAS consultants can accelerate your ability to tap into the full power of SAS technology and reap maximum returns throughout the life of your investment.



We are driven by you and are fueled by your possibilities.

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SAS UK & Ireland Professional Services Customer References

A selection of customer successes


Our objective is to be your trusted technology and business partner. We aim to help you get the best out of your investment in SAS by delivering exceptional quality services – across the full range of SAS® solutions – in parallel with our expert guidance and advice. Our commitment is to ensure your complete satisfaction with our software and services.

Four facts make SAS® Professional Services exceptional:

  1. We offer you business and technical advice based on our deep industry knowledge and expertise in many sectors, including financial services, telecommunications, life sciences, retail, manufacturing, automotive, media, government and education.
  2. Our consultants' expertise ranges from risk management for retail banks, cost control in the public sector, churn analysis within the communications sector, to supply chain optimisation in retail, and beyond.
  3. We provide you with unique insights into SAS and its capabilities, helping you achieve a more rapid and sustained return on investment.
  4. We have solid references from successful user organisations and SAS communities in multiple business sectors.


Your organisation's success depends upon doing the right things even better. Identifying problems before they become critical, opportunities before they are missed, and predicting outcomes before embarking on a course of action will make the difference between success and failure.

Why Use SAS Advisory Services

  1. Our advisory consultants have a wealth of experience gained working with many hundreds of customers and come with a cross-industry domain expertise
  2. Practical insights into how your organisation can use business analytics to become more focused, more effective and ultimately more successful. Such advice can be offered independent of any SAS software.

We have a number of packaged services in this category including a:

  • Value Optimisation Assessment
  • Marketing Effectiveness Audit
  • Data Quality Audit
  • Team Performance Assessment.


From initial assessment to ongoing management, SAS® Consulting helps you reap the benefits of our software and solutions fast. SAS Consulting provides expert advice and help at all stages in a project's life cycle.

Specific services range from solution discovery workshops, through to:

  • Cleaning and analysing your data
  • Evaluating your architecture
  • Implementing the right business solution to address your needs.

We provide all the help you need to drive project success.

SAS Consulting has been audited by the BVQI and certified to ISO9001:2000 update/TickIT ISO9001:2000 update. This covers the delivery of production systems as well as the provision of service-based consulting. All of our consultants are also SAS certified professionals.


SAS® Managed Services are designed to ensure that your team spend their valuable time realising the benefits of your solution, rather than managing it.

As experts in our own software, there are many advantages compared to a traditional IT hosting facility:

  • Expert SAS software installation and release migration.
  • Optimum system configuration for SAS.
  • Facilitation of the resolution of problems that can't be resolved with remote assistance.
  • Facilitation of system upgrades or infrastructure modernisation.
  • Expert proactive data management to ensure either optimum productivity of your analysts or quality of reporting.
  • Single point of contact for problems and new requirements.

In short, we can, within the boundaries that you set, become a valued part of your extended virtual team.

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Realising the full value of your SAS investment requires:

  • Efficiently matching the right technology solutions with your most pressing business challenges.
  • Quickly integrating new technology and solutions with existing IT infrastructure.
    • Effectively implementing and fine-tuning applications and business processes to address unique challenges and opportunities.
    • Continuously re-evaluating the deployment of technology to receive maximum value.

    We provide industry leading technology and services to help achieve your business goals and maximize the investment in technology.

    Customer Success Circle

    At SAS, our goal is to become your trusted technology and business partner. Your ultimate satisfaction with SAS software and services is our commitment to you. To deliver on this commitment, we have developed an end-to-end family of proven service offerings across the four key phases of successful technology deployment, which we call the Customer Success Circle.

    All of our services begin with taking the time to understand your needs and continue until you are completely satisfied. Throughout your relationship with SAS, we contribute measurable value and help you make the most of your technology investment.

    SAS Assessment Services -- Discovery & Definition

    We partner with you to explore and understand your business and technology needs and then recommend innovative solutions that empower you to achieve - and exceed - your strategic objectives.

    SAS Enablement Services -- Installation & Integration

    We collaborate with your IT professionals to expedite the installation and integration of your SAS software, while enabling rapid project start-up and access to information, so you can experience the power of SAS technology quickly.

    SAS Solution Implementation Services -- Delivery & KnowledgeTransfer

    We leverage our technology and solution expertise to effectively deliver SAS solutions and provide knowledge transfer so your staff can quickly experience the benefits of your SAS investment first-hand.

    SAS Value Management Services -- Vision & Customer Care

    We provide ongoing leadership and guidance in identifying opportunities to maximize the value of your SAS investment, and align our solutions with your evolving business strategies while delivering the highest quality of customer service available anywhere.

    One of the strengths of SAS software is that it covers a broad range of business and technology areas. The services within the Customer Success Circle are just as comprehensive. Whether you are seeking to customize a focused business solution, optimally configure core technologies or leverage SAS' industry-specific expertise, SAS Consulting will help you address your business and technology challenges.

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