Operations Research SAS/OR Software

SAS/OR® Software

Optimize processes and address management science challenges with enhanced operations research methods

SAS/OR software provides a powerful array of optimization, simulation and project scheduling techniques to identify the actions that will produce the best results, while operating within resource limitations and other constraints.

This operations research software enables organizations to consider more options and scenarios, determine the best allocation of resources and implement the best plans for accomplishing goals.

Now, faster than ever, we can determine the best combinations of mode and route to ship our products. The net ROI is huge – it's automated decision making in real time.

R.B. Singh
Chief Financial Officer
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Identify the best answers to planning problems.

SAS/OR offers the broadest available spectrum of operations research modeling and solution techniques, and includes state-of-the-art methods for mathematical optimization. The depth of detail and realism in SAS/OR software's modeling capabilities, control of optimization, simulation and scheduling processes, and integrated approach to data access and information delivery enable organizations to identify and apply the best responses to complex planning problems.

Build models interactively and experiment with data.

Build models interactively, modifying constraints or variables and experimenting easily with the effects of changes to underlying data. In mathematical optimization, a specialized modeling language enables you to work transparently and directly with symbolic problem formulations, and an appropriate solution method for the current problem can be automatically chosen. This allows problems to be formulated and solved intuitively and efficiently, regardless of their specific mathematical form.

Easily incorporate more data.

With SAS/OR it is easy to indicate where and how input data will be used in a model. Data/model separation is maintained, which is critical when reusing models or model components. Users can select the aspects of the solution to be reported and can control the form in which they are reported.

Plan, manage and track project and resource schedules through a single integrated system.

SAS enables you to more effectively manage projects to meet deadlines within resource limitations and create back-up plans to address unforeseen variations in resource availability. The software is adept at handling complicated situations.

Generate quicker, better answers to large real-world problems.

SAS/OR includes analytic and solution methods that are tuned to address large, complex, real-world problems.



Operations Research SAS/OR Software
  • Mathematical optimization
  • Discrete event simulation
  • Project and resource scheduling

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