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OCS Consulting plc is an international IT consultancy with offices in United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland. Since 1998, OCS Consulting has supported its clients with specialised services in data science, business intelligence, (bio) statistics and statistical programming, utilising SAS Software provided by the SAS Institute.  In many cases, we are also responsible for the installation and configuration, implementation, and administration of the SAS environments. Being a SAS Reseller Partner for all official SAS software licenses, including LSAF & JMP®, we are unique in delivering all services necessary to get the best out of the SAS platform.

Focus Area
Cloud Deployment, SAS Viya, Business Intelligence, Analytics

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About SaasNow

SaasNow enables speedy cloud deployment of SAS Viya products without investment in on-premise infrastructure or the need to have installation skills in-house. We take care of getting your SAS cloud environments up and running so you can focus on transforming your data into business value. With SaasNow's cloud solution, you can launch a self-service business intelligence and analytics environment for your entire organization or for a department within your organization without the need to buy any hardware or licenses. Our unique and straightforward monthly subscription service includes both SAS licenses and fully managed cloud infrastructure. The solution is cost-effective, flexible and scalable to your business objectives. SaasNow's subscription service guarantees maximum flexibility. SaasNow enables you to maximize the return on your IT investments and scale SAS' proven technology stack without the constraints of infrastructure, software licenses or skilled staff.