The Talent Foundry and SAS UK announce SAS Future Analysts initiative

Programme aims to drive awareness and knowledge of the data analytics sector

SAS UK, the leader in analytics, and The Talent Foundry are delighted to announce a brand-new programme for 2022-23 – SAS Future Analysts. It aims to drive awareness in the data analytics field and inspire young people to consider a career in the sector, and follows the announcement earlier this year of The Talent Foundry as SAS UK’s Charity of the Year.

Firms across the country are reporting a major skills gap with a recent SAS report finding that 63% of firms do not believe their staff have the necessary AI skills. SAS wants to address this key obstacle to UK productivity and help the next generation cultivate the data skills needed to succeed.

Students taking part in SAS Future Analysts will get hands-on with data and gain a unique insight into how it can be used to tackle key global issues.

Volunteers from various industries that use SAS’ data and analytics software will support young people through four sessions where they are presented with exciting and creative challenges. To tackle these, they will have access to core data concepts such as crowdsourcing and comparative analysis. The activities also engage participants in developing key employability skills such as teamwork and problem-solving.

The Talent Foundry is an independent education charity, and its mission is to increase social mobility by helping young people from underserved backgrounds discover what they are amazing at.  The charity’s aim is to increase social mobility, and help these young people develop valuable new employment skills and take that first step into the world of work.

Cate Smith, Head of Programmes at The Talent Foundry said:

“SAS UK have identified a major AI and analytical skills crisis, and we collectively recognise that equipping young people with both knowledge, awareness and the right tools for the job could significantly increase the supply of talent. This programme will offer young people across the UK the chance to experience analytics in a completely unique and exciting way. With the support of volunteers from industry, these young people will gain skills, network with people in industry, and ultimately be better equipped to enter the world of work.”

Roderick Crawford, Senior Regional VP for Northern Europe at SAS, said:

“We know from the technological revolution happening, or the Fourth Industrial Revolution as it’s sometimes referred to, that almost the entire workforce needs to be equipped with at least some data and digital skills. Skills are needed from basic data literacy all the way up to advanced data science and AI, yet it’s clear, as our recent research shows, that there is a lack of skills across the board. We must increase the supply of these skills and it’s great if initiatives like the SAS Future Analysts with The Talent Foundry can demonstrate to youngsters the exciting things that can be done with data, especially those they might not otherwise get exposure to this important area of opportunity.”

About The Talent Foundry

  • The Talent Foundry is an independent education charity offering a range of fully funded opportunities to schools and colleges across the United Kingdom.
  • They have 1,900 schools in their network and 600,000 students have benefitted from their programmes.
  • If schools wish to find out if they are eligible for The Talent Foundry’s programmes, they can email:
  • The charity’s aim is to increase social mobility by helping young people from disadvantaged backgrounds discover what they are amazing at, develop valuable new employment skills and take that first step into the world of work.

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