SAS® helps Rijkswaterstaat analyse IoT data to keep traffic flowing, citizens safer

Analytics leader demonstrates the value of applying analytics at the edge of an enterprise network

With 20 per cent of the Netherlands’ land mass below sea level, managing water levels and land and sea traffic is a top priority. Rijkswaterstaat, the Dutch government agency responsible for roadways and waterways, chose SAS® to gain deeper insights about traffic flows to keep citizens safe and traveling smoothly around the country.

“SAS Analytics supports us in many ways, including helping us understand how many miles of highways are operational and whether or not we have enough sand available in the event of rising water,” said Bas van Essen, Head of RWS Datalab. “Having that sort of vision into our data makes a lifesaving difference.”

SAS® helps manage a rising tide of streaming data

Rijkswaterstaat monitors roadways, water levels and the Dutch infrastructure by applying SAS Event Stream Processing to the data flowing from connected IoT sensors in assets like bridges, dams, dikes, locks and storm surge barriers. SAS Event Stream Processing can be scaled, embedded and deployed across an enterprise, from small, constrained devices that sit at the network’s edge to cloud data centres. Its performance and ease of adoption provide organisations the flexibility to adapt to evolving challenges. Initial results from Rijkswaterstaat’s use of SAS include cost savings; accurate, rapid insight into the performance of the organisation’s assets; and a heightened ability to make proactive maintenance decisions.

“IoT assets are incredibly valuable, and Rijkswaterstaat is now optimising this data like never before” said Laurie Miles, Director of Analytics, SAS UK & Ireland. “Through the use of Event Stream Processing the agency is now able to access the data from connected sensors from the roadways and waterways up and down the country. This enables them to make important decisions faster and with more accuracy, ensuring that Dutch citizens are kept safe and mobile.”


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Today’s announcement was made at the Analytics Experience conference in Amsterdam, a business technology conference presented by SAS that brings together thousands of attendees on-site and online to share ideas on critical business issues.

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