New data scientist training programme from SAS tackles UK shortfall

SAS launches Data Scientist Curriculum for aspiring and experienced data analytics professionals

In response to the 160 per cent growth* in demand for skilled big data scientists in the UK over the period 2013-2020, SAS, the leader in business analytics software and services, today announces the launch of the SAS Data Scientist Curriculum.

Big data positions are proving very hard to fill due to the scarcity of qualified professionals. As part of SAS' £100m investment in education over the last 15 years to improve the UK's big data skills, the company has developed a curriculum designed to give both students and experienced data scientists the knowledge and skills to better prepare, analyse and extract value from big data. Interested candidates can enrol for courses here.

The series of courses form part of a comprehensive learning path that focuses on four key areas:

  • Big data acumen – covers strategies and concepts for data scientists and big data analytics, as well as building systems with SAS and Hadoop
  • Preparing data – covers data preparation for data mining and Hadoop
  • Analysing unstructured data – covers text analytics, text mining and sentiment mining
  • Modelling data – covers predictive modelling, high-performance analytics, predictive analytics, and applied analytics

"As we head ever rapidly towards an Internet of Things world, where data becomes an even greater part of the economic, political and social fabric, the UK must tackle the growing big data skills shortage head on," said Myles Hannon, Head of Education, SAS EMEA and AP Professional Services.

"We have found from our recent research with Tech Partnership* that by 2020 the UK will have 56,000 big data job opportunities every year, and yet we do not have enough graduates or IT professionals with the skills required to meet today's demand. Creating the SAS Data Scientist Curriculum is another initiative we have launched to encourage more people to get the necessary skills required to harness the power of data, whether for commercial gain, government efficiency or social good."

All courses are managed and delivered by SAS, with new modules expected to be added to the learning path throughout 2015 and beyond, supplemented with master classes around business knowledge experience for advanced professionals.

This builds on the other investments SAS has made in schools and universities to encourage development of the skills needed at every stage along the data science pathway. As well as SAS Curriculum Pathways, a free online resource available in more than 400 schools across the UK, more than 80 UK universities use SAS for teaching and research, and the new no cost SAS University Edition software has already had over 3,500 downloads across the UK in four months.

* Source: "Big Data Analytics: Demand for labour and skills, 2013-2020", SAS and Tech Partnership, October 2014


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