For third year in a row, SAS Italy is Top Employer

Salaries, working conditions, company culture, education and development, and career opportunities are the criteria which, for the third consecutive year, has earned SAS Italy the Top Employers 2012 award.

The certification by the CRF Institute, which has certified more than 2,500 companies worldwide since 1991, is based on strict standards for Human Resources policies, which the organization analyzes according to both qualitative and quantitative criteria.

In order to contribute effectively to the development of the national economic system, SAS emphasizes a positive working environment, while at the same time actively promoting a culture of innovation. To this end, SAS has activated concrete programs and initiatives based on three key factors: People, Performance and Partners.

The Top Employer survey highlighted the following points of excellence for SAS Italy:

  • Complete program of rewards and benefits.
  • Wide range of education and development programs.
  • Mentoring and coaching programs.
  • Competency management and assessment.

"At SAS, people have always been the most important resource. This is why professional performance assessment is merged with the evaluation of potential – to draw effective development plans and cultivate talent," explains Elena Panzera, HR and CSR Director. "Career counseling, coaching and customized paths are just some of the programs that help our people grow. At the core, we firmly believe that there is no single recipe for talent, but a well-constructed path based on the characteristics and potential of each individual. The education path includes opportunities for intercompany training and knowledge sharing with other Italian and international contacts. Among the most appreciated and efficient methodologies, we can cite the experiential education, from theater to outdoor activities, with an attentive look at social media and e-learning together with live training opportunities."

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The CRF Institute is the independent organization behind the Top Employers projects. The CRF Institute identifies top performers in the areas of HR, leadership and strategy. In 1991, the Corporate Research Foundation (CRF) was founded as a joint initiative of academics, business journalists, trade associations, researchers and international publishers. With the objective of offering independent HR assessment and acknowledgement, CRF was launched.

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