Public Sector Newsletter
May 2017

You, advanced analytics and the GTS
Welcome to a new era of data-driven public service

Government has done a brilliant job of making many of its services available online – HMRC is just such an example of that. However, the Government Transformation Strategy is pushing departments further. Simply transitioning previously paper-based processes to online channels won’t drive the level of wholesale transformation required.

Departments can begin to make this change by looking to the world of commerce. Mature businesses and breakthrough market disruptors alike understand that only by putting data and analytics at the core of their business will they create new ways of working that really transform their fortunes.

In the public sector, the kind of transformation we’re looking for brings government organisations and citizens closer together. It’s more about delivering personalised services, using data and analytics to draw deeper understandings about the issues facing citizens and their service needs.

If that level of change seems a little far-fetched or inaccessible, you only need to look at a brand such as Shop Direct. Originally, the firm was a very traditional catalogue-based business, selling women’s clothes largely to a UK-only audience. Today, thanks to its adoption of e-commerce technology, but particularly advanced analytics, the firm has ditched traditional paper-based processes and leant heavily on advanced analytics to transform it into an award-winning, world-class e-tailer. Why is it award-winning? Largely because it has enthusiastically worked with SAS to deliver a phenomenal level of personalisation that even includes predicting the needs of prospective customers.

Imagine that capability transferred to the government environment: what could be possible? Everything from delivering interactions that guide citizens out of the benefits system, by delivering personalised services that support their individual social mobility aspirations to participating in policy development and testing.

We believe that the ambitions of the GTS can be accelerated hugely by integrating an open analytics platform so that new, transformative insights can be generated with the ideal combination of speed, agility, choice (in coding language), governance and security. And we are already working with government departments to do so. How about yours?

If you’d like more depth on this topic, discover how we supported Shop Direct’s transformation and learn more about our open analytics proposition.