SAS for Communication Service Providers

Expand your business beyond all boundaries. Explore how new technology can help you transform complex data into valuable insights that drive your decisions.

Customer Expericence

Customer Experience

rise in customers expectation
to be engaging with chatbots by 2030

  • Use real-time decisions to provide your customer with more relevant, targeted and personalised communications across all marketing channels, devices, at the right time - in the moments that really matter.
  •  With Advance Analytics you can gain a deeper understanding of your customer to predict and prevent churn.
  • Achieve a 360-Degree view of your customer at every touch point of their journey by using AI. You can create a happier and more loyal customer whilst increasing ARPU.

Credit Risk

30% reduce in model development and validation cost up by focusing expert resources on your most critical models.

  • Use AI and machine learning to ensure optimal model performance and deployment – in a governed, efficient and transparent way.
  • Take a customer-centric approach by using AI and Advance Analytics to improve revenues and reduce losses.
  • Use Advance Analytics to optimize debt recovery and collection processes whilst increasing customer retention.
  • Perform real-time credit scoring through data analytics to reduce bad debt expense
Credit Risk


>70% reduction in Fraud losses

  • Detect over 70% of fraud population with one single advance analytical model
  • Detect subscriber fraud across multiple channels in real-time using AI to increase profits and protect inventory.
  • Ensure a seamless customer experience for genuine subscribers, reduce false positives and enhance brand reputation by using advanced analytical techniques.  

Audience Analytics

22% Increase in productivity by automating all marketing lifecycle campaigns

  • Apply advance analytics to your multiple data sources - viewership data, device preferences, location - to build customer segments in OTT channels, offer personalised subscriber interactions.
  • Use AI and machine learning to deliver targeted content whilst lowering churn, increasing revenue, and improving customer experience
  • Produce accurate viewership forecasts and improve advertising ROI with optimized inventory and rate card pricing.
  • Build a centralized decisioning engine to manage the entire customer journey delivering a consistent and personalised messaging in each channel. 
Audience Analytics


2021 SAS is the only vendor named a leader in the Magic Quadrant for Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms for all eight years of its existence.

  • Improve your data team productivity. Combine the power of SAS Platform with Open Source technologies in a unified environment and balance your rapid self-service needs with robust governance.
  • Respond in real time to a wide range of customer interactions and operational events with AI and analytics solutions running on a scalable, cloud native architecture.
  • Automate intelligent decision-making in your organisation by transforming raw data into operational insights. You will solve sales challenges, build smarter and faster networks, improve customer service and protect revenues. 


+ 20% improvement in the accuracy of network planning forecast using AI which results in an improved uptime, quality KPI, cost effectiveness and offer great customer experience.

  • Reduce operational process by up to 95% applying advanced analytic techniques to network data. You will gain deeper insights on boosting network performance and improving operations management with special emphasis on automation.
  • Increase asset utilization up to 5% by using AI. You will make more intelligent operational decisions to support the growing demand on network services and become more profitable.
  • Apply AI to detect network faults (including set-top boxes and routers), before customers are affected. You will improve service experience for customers, drive up customer satisfaction levels and increase NPS. 

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