Power Meets Purpose: Accelerate your Analytical Capability

You have an abundance of data and, with technologies such as Hadoop, it costs less to process and store it. How can you now leverage that data to make your organisation more agile and competitive? Data analytics can help you answer questions such as:

  • How can we effectively and rapidly turn insights into action?
  • How much should we charge for a particular item in a particular segment?
  • Where should we assign resources?
  • How can we optimise delivery across our supply chain?
  • How can we boost cash flow and working capital?
  • Why are we losing customers and what is the best way to win them back?

The difficulty, however, is that you are operating in a dynamic environment. Today's answers may not fix tomorrow's questions. You need to cope with more users and ever-increasing workloads. Therefore you need to create a more powerful and agile analytical cycle with high availability and faster processing: power meets purpose.

Our SAS Round Table Event, Accelerate your Analytical Capability will illustrate how organisations have implemented a grid architecture for advanced analytics alongside existing data storage options. This will show you how to:

  • Create a roadmap taking you from where you are today to a new level of enhanced analytical agility
  • Address the disciplines of data, discovery and deployment in an integrated and efficient manner
  • Understand the key building blocks around technology, people, process and culture
  • Combine SAS Grid & Hadoop to give you the power to meet your analytical purpose

The discussion will be hosted by John Lyons and led by SAS Analytical Platform specialists Doug Green and Hugo D’Ulisse. The event will also feature representatives of Irish organisations that have successfully deployed grid instances alongside existing investments in data storage options such as RDBMS and Hadoop.

Come and learn from their successes and network with your peers. The event includes lunch for all attendees.

Thursday, April 14th, 2016


10:15 to 13:45
Lunch provided.


The Merrion Hotel, Dublin 2

Click here for directions.


Please email lauren.brennan@sas.com
or call +353 1 603 3900

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