Discover how organisations around the world are meeting strategic challenges using cutting edge solutions from SAS in a series of live and On-demand webinars.

Visual Analytics: The Power to Know on the Go

Live 30 minute webinar: 04 December 2014, 2.00pm - 2.30pm

The highly dynamic nature of today's business world requires that decision-making be based on more timely information than in the past. And with speed to insight a major competitive differentiator, incorporating more timely data is valuable only if the presentation, and sharing of critical information can be accelerated. The old world of IT maintained, slow to report and complex to change Business Intelligence is changing. A new generation of flexible, fast,powerful but easy-to-use data visualisation software has arrived. 

This bite-sized 30min webinar will take you through:

  1. How the incorporation of analytics to visualisation allowed us to create SAS Visual Analytics
  2. The advantages that come from an enterprise scale in-memory solution
  3. How easy it is to build the reports you want with an on the fly demonstration

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