Discover how organisations around the world are meeting strategic challenges using cutting edge solutions from SAS in a series of live and On-demand webinars.

Managing Big Data in Hadoop

Live 30 minute webinar: 18 December 2014, 11.00am - 11.30am

Hadoop. That cute little yellow elephant icon is all over the place. And the distributed, open-source framework behind it has caught the attention of many organizations searching for better ways to store and process large volumes and varieties of data.

Attend our bite-sized webinar and find out why SAS has become the analytical partner of choice for Horton Works and Cloudera. Learn about:

  1. The potential benefits and limitations of Hadoop for managing Big Data
  2. How SAS can makes it easier for you access and manage Big Data in Hadoop
  3. Accessible in-memory analytics that speeds your time to value from your Hadoop data

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