How data visualisation and analytics using SAS® Visual Analytics can drive competitive advantage in the insurance industry

Big Data creates an opportunity for your organisation to rethink the way it operates. Building instant actionable insights into your operational processes can produce revolutionary competitive advantage.

Claims fraud
Your company is successfully managing the claims from the last eastern seaboard hurricane however, your company suspects that opportunistic fraud is taking place. Can you speedily drill through claims, locate them on the map and identify patterns that will lead you to the perpetrator(s)?
Broker profitability
You can rank the profitability of the Brokers you do business with. But can you as easily see why some excel where similar businesses do not. Can you map out the ideal scenario for where to place business for maximum profit and best customer service?
So you are about to begin a pricing project and you know that you will have to go through the pain of building a huge claims data mart…and then wait on IT to grab and prepare the data, then build the data mart. You begin but find that the cross combinations you set out to do, tells you absolutely nothing. This is painfully slow. So what if you could build your multidimensional views on the fly in seconds, then build dynamic analytical scenarios, throw away and start again easily and quickly?


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