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Executive Briefing with key notes from GSK and SAS Institute to share learnings and experience from exploring the data transparency era...

Increased interest from external stakeholders combined with recent EMA guidelines are pushing clinical data transparency to a top priority for pharmaceutical executives. Consequently, pharmaceutical companies are driven to externalize their clinical data with the objective to increase transparency, increase patient safety, and identify potential new treatments.

In July, members of the US and EU pharmaceutical trade associations (EFPIA & PhRMA) committed to develop systems to enable researchers to request access to clinical study data for further research. GSK's website, via which researchers submit proposals to access data, is one example and a first step towards providing access to data from clinical trials conducted by multiple companies and organisations. Robert Frost, GSK Policy Director, will discuss the development and implementation of the GSK initiative, describe steps taken to protect privacy and provide access for appropriate research and outline their vision for a broader, independent solution.

Thursday 14 November


15:00 - 18:00


SAS Institute,
Købmagergade 7-9,


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