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Using predictive analytics to improve customer segmentation and campaign management

Hibernian Aviva Health: SAS® Customer Intelligence prescription for healthier marketing

Hibernian Aviva Health, a leading provider of health insurance, selected SAS to unlock their customer data and provide insight into both their customers and their business. Using predictive analytics has enabled them to improve customer segmentation and campaign management, leading to increased profitability and improved customer satisfaction.

A single view of the customer
The solution has given Hibernian Aviva Health a consistent view of each customer's behaviour, which is critical for identifying the most valuable customers in the future. Hibernian Aviva Health has built an integrated platform for enterprise marketing management. Campaigns and programs implemented across the organisation are now measurable, effective, consistent and timely, and they are targeting the right customers with the right offers.

The company wanted to achieve two key initiatives: a single view of the customer and a single view of the truth about that customer. In order to do this, they needed to get control of the customer data, which they realised would lead to a better understanding of their customers and their business. In turn, they gained the ability to deliver more relevant offers to their customer base.


Understanding our customers, segmenting them and analysing their propensities allows us to target them in an appropriate and tailored manner and to develop products and offers to suit their needs.

Sean Bellamy
Executive Manager, Business Solutions

Reduced time, increased response rates
The solution has also enabled Hibernian Aviva Health to automate and improve efficiency in reporting, leading to greater efficiencies on the IT side.

“This project has been business-led, but IT-managed,” Bellamy says. “A key initiative for us was to get rid of a number of reports, saving hundreds of person days every month. This has been a major early success in the project and has freed up IT time to do more strategic activities.

“SAS enables our marketing function to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of our campaigns, which is key to us achieving maximum ROI.”

Performance management for the business
SAS has also enabled Hibernian Aviva Health to understand and manage the performance of the organisation as a whole.

“As with most organisations, we started out with basic reporting, but the hunger for more information and the need for this information to be consistent and structured meant that we had to move to a solution and structure that could provide this for us,” Bellamy explains. “Our source data was relatively simple with no real legacy to speak of. Once we had defined what information we needed and developed our warehouse, SAS was the ideal partner to this solution.”

Hibernian Aviva Health
Hibernian Aviva Health is a division of Hibernian Aviva Group, Ireland’s leading insurance company, with 1.2 million customers across the general insurance, life and pensions, and health insurance sectors.

Hibernian Aviva Group is a wholly owned subsidiary of Aviva plc.  Aviva is one of the world’s largest savings, general insurance and investment groups with the purpose of looking out for customers, employees and stakeholders with prosperity and peace of mind.



Unlock and unite disparate customer data to gain deeper insights into their behaviours and preferences for more successful marketing efforts.


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Automating reports improves efficiency; eliminating many reports saves hundreds of person-hours each month; segmenting customers and tailoring offers based on their preferences maximizes ROI.

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