SAS® Financial Management

Improve the accuracy and timeliness of financial plans, budgets and reports.

Perform instant consolidations. Develop more accurate budgets. Understand revenue, costs and profitability. SAS Financial Management delivers enterprise planning, budgeting, consolidation and reporting in one integrated solution. A proprietary calculation engine and accounting logic let you consolidate planning and historical information on demand – to ensure that decision makers and regulatory agencies always have the latest information.


Communicate strategy more effectively.

Integrated planning, budgeting, financial reporting and business modeling – along with built-in scorecards and dashboards – enable seamless strategy communication.

Create more frequent, accurate forecasts.

Explore multiple scenarios and encourage broader participation in forecast development to enhance the reliability of published earnings expectations.

Publish financial reports faster.

Close your books faster by performing on-demand consolidations – including automatic currency conversion, intercompany eliminations, ownership adjustments, allocations and more.

Improve business process efficiency.

An integrated process management framework enables users to create and monitor their business processes, automate key tasks, and identify and resolve bottlenecks.



  • Dynamic consolidation. Provides on-demand access to actual and planning data.
  • Accounting logic. Supports multiple accounting standards and partial ownership consolidations.
  • Budgeting and planning. Supports rolling forecasts, top-down and bottom-up budgeting and budget-cycle seeding.
  • Process management. Eases management of reporting and data entry forms with web-based workflow control.
  • Data management. A prebuilt data model creates a consistent view and allows true integration with other SAS solutions.
  • Information delivery. Offers efficient report distribution to a large and diverse user community.

Being able to quickly see that there’s a gap between your budget and your actual spending leads to cost savings and to better decisions.

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