SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning Workshop

Evolution of Data Mining

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Data mining start with the client. Clients naturally collect data simply by doing business, so that is where the entire process begins. Data is only one part of the puzzle, the other part of the equation is the process of finding anomalies, pattern, and correlations with large data sets to predict an outcome, cost-saving, improve customer relationships, reduce risk and more.

When you start to collect data, you’ve seen the volume of data produced is doubling every two years. Unstructured data alone makes up 90% of the digital universe. More information does not necessarily mean more knowledge. Sometimes people missed out on the unstructured data that can be critical to business success too. Therefore, SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning (VDMML) is more than just simple data analysis. It can be used in many different business sectors to both predict and discover trends with AI and machine learning technique support.

This workshop shows you how you can solve complex analytical problems with a comprehensive visual interface that handles all tasks in the analytics life cycle. Learn more on:

  • Sift through all the chaotic and repetitive noise in your data
  • Accelerate the pace of making informed decisions
  • Understand what is relevant and then make good use of the information to access likely outcome
  • Who’s using these evolution techniques

This webinar is conducted in Bahasa Indonesia.

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