SAS Help Telkomsel Improve Decision Making Effectively Through Insight Generation on Voice of Customer

Telkomsel is the largest mobile operator in Indonesia, with 48% market share. Telkomsel helps more than 178 million subscribers connect with others every day. But when it came to better connecting with the voices of its own customers, Telkomsel turned to SAS. The solution we implemented will help Telkomsel capture and learn from tremendous volumes of unstructured data to enhance customer experiences and loyalty and reduce customer churn.

Starting from the company's pain points to understand and act on the experiences, wants and needs of its millions subscribers is a daunting task, especially when those sentiments are expressed at every touchpoint in different formats. Telkomsel also realized the importance of monitoring the voice of the customer, but was only able to act on a small fraction of interaction data effectively. Telkomsel needed a way to action the data, improve the customer experience and improve response time. They also wanted to understand how to mine both structured and unstructured data gathered from walk-in customers, e-care (email, social media and live chat). It was challenging to take prompt action on the collective voice of the customer.  The company's manual processes made it difficult for the team to provide management with timely reports on customer inquiries and complaints. These and other challenges prevented Telkomsel's management from gaining real insights from their customer data, leading to inaccurate and slow decision making.

SAS helped Telkomsel to gain a deeper understanding of customer needs and expectations. The solution helped to visualize and extract word patterns that form a sentence in each interaction. SAS solutions also helped Telkomsel to act on their data quickly to make customer-based decisions, which ultimately enhanced the customer experience.

After the implementation, Telkomsel was able to decrease the time and effort spent by its personnel, by shifting from daily manual processes to an automated hourly model scoring cycle. This gave the customer care division more time to explore data patterns across channels. They were also able to develop standard models to detect all issues accurately expressed in customer inquiries across channels. This meant that they could eliminate manual categorization and sentiment identification processes by having a standard rule model to process both structured and unstructured customer interaction data. Using SAS solutions, Telkomsel is now capable of developing sentiment predictive models to associate interaction data with sentiment using regression, neural networks and decision trees with significant accuracy (more than 85%).

SAS solutions allowed Telkomsel to improve their customer experience by increasing customer satisfaction and reducing churn. With the ability to proactively monitor and respond to customer issues and needs, Telkomsel can roll out new programs and campaigns before customers cancel or decide not to renew their contracts.

Using SAS, Telkomsel turned massive, multi-channel data streams of our customer voices into meaningful insight at scale. SAS solutions allowed us to improve decision making, minimize customer response time, discover our true market perception and reduce churn. Tina Lusiana General Manager of Reporting and Analytics Telkomsel

About Telkomsel

Since being established in May 26, 1995, Telkomsel has consistently served Indonesia, opening telecommunications access across the country, from Sabang to Merauke.

With 178 million customer Telkomsel is currently the largest cellular operator in Indonesia. To serve customers all over Indonesia, even in remote areas, outer islands and border areas, Telkomsel has built more than 146,000 BTS.

Telkomsel has also consistently implemented the latest mobile technology and was the first to commercially launch 4G LTE mobile services in Indonesia. Entering the digital era, Telkomsel continues to expand its digital business, including Digital Advertising, Digital Lifestyle, Mobile Financial Services, and Internet of Things. To serve the needs of customers, Telkomsel operates a 24-hour call center and GraPARI services spread across Indonesia.

To provide excellent service for society and help them enjoy the digital lifestyle, Telkomsel helped build the digital ecosystem in the country. Using various DNA development efforts (Device, Network and Applications), these are expected to accelerate the formation of the Indonesian digital society. In addition, Telkomsel is also actively encouraging the positive use of technology in the younger generation.

Telkomsel will always be present to inspire society by implementing cutting edge technologies, competitive products and services, and innovative solutions. These will lead Indonesia to a broadband-based society based on a mobile technology roadmap. Telkomsel will always to continue to create the best telecommunication services for the people of Indonesia - a world-class, trusted provider of mobile digital lifestyle services and solutions.

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How to understand, monitor and act on the voice of customer effectively.


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  • Ability to categorize the problem and respond within hours, so much faster than ever before.
  • Power to feed insight directly into product development, improving campaign effectiveness and driving actions to improve customer experience.
  • Significant accuracy of over 85% in predicting customer sentiment.
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