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Having a big customer base, PT Bank ANZ Indonesia (ANZ), one of the leading international banks in Indonesia, has the challenge to integrate vast amount of customer data that is spread across various systems and contact points.

To gain better customer insight, improve customer retention and improve return on investment (ROI) on marketing programs, ANZ embarked on a project to build a single customer identification file (CIF). This project is also aimed at meeting regulatory requirements for know your customer (KYC) principle, anti-money laundering (AML) and Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA).

The bank chose SAS® Data Quality for the project. “SAS addresses our data quality issues. We could work faster and more efficiently,” said Jimmy Tandri, Head of Decision Management ANZ Indonesia. In developing the single customer view solution, the project team required only a small task force and was able to complete and meet the project requirements within its timeline.

SAS addresses our data quality issues. We could work faster and more efficiently.

Jimmy Tandri
Head of Decision Management
ANZ Indonesia

Once the system is up-and-running, the automated data extract, load and transform (ETL) works seamlessly and the processing time is cut significantly despite the size of data being processed. “We were impressed with how quick and easy it was. The tool provided clarity on data issues and improved confidence in the data itself,” said Mujur Tandi, Head of Operations Transformation ANZ Indonesia.

“SAS Data Quality is also very user friendly, and the GUI (Graphical User Interface) is very helpful,” Jimmy said. The single CIF that is developed with SAS Data Quality, has now become the integral part of KYC and AML, marketing campaign and risk analytics in ANZ.

ANZ first established its presence in Indonesia in 1973. ANZ is one of the leading international banks in Indonesia with 28 branches in 11 cities across Indonesia and USD 2.75 billion in assets - offers a range of products and services for its corporate clients through our Corporate and Commercial Banking, Treasury, Trade Finance and Cash Management services. For individuals, ANZ offers Retail Banking and Wealth Management, Mortgages as well as Consumer Finance services through our Credit Card and Personal Loan products.


Manage data for regulatory and marketing purposes.


SAS® Data Quality


Data processing time dropped from two days to four hours.

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Bank ANZ Indonesia implemented SAS Data Quality for effective, fast and automated data processing to fulfil business value.

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