On-Demand Webinar

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too – With R, Python + SAS®

Join us for a webinar and demo and learn how SAS® works with R and Python to easily scale your data science efforts for enterprise analytics deployment.


About the webinar

R and Python are used by many data scientists, often bringing together teams with varied backgrounds and experiences to solve complex problems.

The industry-recognized leader in analytics, SAS is accessible from all major coding languages, methods and application standards used for analytics – including R and Python.

Tune in to this webinar to see how to give your developers the best of both worlds: the comfort of their preferred languages and the advantages of SAS to scale results without code rewrites. You’ll also learn how SAS can amplify your data science efforts and expedite putting analytical models into action – all while meeting regulatory requirements.

What we'll cover:

  • Examples of when and how SAS is used with R and Python.
  • How to meet statistical analysis requirements with internal and external regulatory agencies.
  • How SAS offers the scalability, governance and support required for production and operational analytics.

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About the Experts

Neela Niranjani Vengateshwaran, Data Scientist, SAS

Neela Vengateshwaran is a Data Scientist in the Advanced Analytics Team at SAS. She primarily works in the AI/ML space to use SAS® Viya® for solving the predictive needs of SAS customers. Her areas of expertise include using deep learning to develop tangible AI applications in computer vision and creating machine learning workflows to integrate open source within SAS. She also works on designing content to articulate this process for the presales team.


Andrew Christian, Principal Solutions Architect, SAS

Andrew Christian has been artificially intelligent since joining SAS six years ago. In the 20 years prior to SAS, he mined data and taught machines at companies such as AT&T, BellSouth, Cox Communications and Sprint. Christian is based in Atlanta, where he attended the Georgia Institute of Technology, earning a bachelor’s in industrial engineering and a master’s in statistics.

Briana Ullman, SAS

Briana Ullman is a Marketing Associate at SAS, working in Product Marketing to help dissect the role artificial intelligence and analytics plays in our lives and careers. She joined SAS in 2017 and is a graduate of North Carolina State University.