SAS Criminal Justice Data Integration and Analytics

Delivering insight by consolidating diverse offender information.

Improve community and officer safety. Reduce crime and victimization. And optimize criminal justice resources. With SAS you can combine diverse data from all sources across the criminal justice system and beyond into an accurate, consistent, complete view of offenders. Magistrates, clerks, and law enforcement and corrections officers can then access that information in a broad, easy-to-understand view.

Get a holistic view of offenders.

Gain a holistic view of offender information across disparate systems and databases with advanced data access, matching and entity resolution capabilities. Police officers, law enforcement officials, magistrates and judges can get immediate access to an offender’s complete history – so they can make timely, better-informed decisions.

Respond faster to high-risk situations.

With shared access to timely, standardized offender data, criminal justice entities across a variety of agencies and jurisdictions can launch an immediate, coordinated response to threats. Better coordination among different entities means less duplication of effort and the ability to focus and respond quickly to high-risk situations.

Quickly and easily access the information you need.

An intuitive interface lets criminal justice personnel across a variety of roles – magistrates, clerks, law enforcement and corrections officers, etc. – quickly access offender information and make rapid, informed decisions regarding offender treatment. Easy-to-use features, such as match lists, graphical views and drill-through capabilities, enable you to find information quickly. That means less time spent investigating offender backgrounds.

Get an alert when an offender's status changes.

Rather than manually searching for any changes in the status of high-risk offenders, you can set up watch lists to send an automatic alert when there is any activity or change in status for specific offenders so you can act immediately in response. This also helps various law enforcement entities coordinate activities related to investigating or monitoring the same offender, since system queries against an offender will trigger an alert.

Key Features

Data integration

Access data from any source – regardless of system or format – to give a comprehensive view of each offender.

Intuitive interface for all types of users

Search on whatever attributes are known.

Watch-list capability

Set up watch lists comprising specific individual offenders.

Underlying analytics

Make better decisions and take faster actions based on underlying analytics capabilities that reveal insights into offender information.

Remote hosting option

Gain confidence with highly secure hosting for your sensitive information.

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